CEO Greetings

CHAIRO thinks of people and nature

Eco-friendly & KS certified
with the best quality and technology

Procurement Excellent Product Certified
Chair Professional Production Company

Established in May 1988, Chair Co., Ltd. is a professional chair production company. Based on accumulated technology and trust, We are committed to becoming a leading brand in the industry through resource management, continuous technology development and innovative management. As a company that has been concerted in harmony, we practice the management of win-win and share, and we are entrepreneurial spirit of ‘Let’s do our best first as always. ‘We are a company that strives to be a trusted company. Based on the ergonomic design that first thinks of people, it combines the high quality of material and environment-friendly elements, We are spurring the development of the best chair.

It is a chair that combines technology-driven and sensual design thinking only of chair. NEW MESH chair series has depth The research and development has been steadily promoted and the product was released after the invention patent registration. We are committed to creating a convenient and comfortable office space. Chair chair is a procurement superior product supplier recognized as excellent product by the PPS and can lead the change of the chair industry in Korea We promise to be the best company that will lead the quality and technology innovation with the creative moral spirit.

Chairo CEO   Ahn Chang-gyu. Ahn Soon-gyu.